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...Algeria... - Anything about Algeria or the United Republics of Africa.

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Manager: lilithezine
Anything about Algeria or the United Republics of Africa.

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Languages of the World Statistics
Chinese Mandarin 13.69%, Spanish 5.05%, English 4.84%, Hindi 2.82%, Portuguese 2.77%, Bengali 2.68%, Russian 2.27%, Japanese 1.99%, German 1.49% and Chinese Wu 1.21%.
The Religion eZine
Atheism, Mythology, Philosophy, Theology and all matters of Beliefs and Ethos. - Plus Gandhi, the Holocaust, the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the Six Day War, Israel, Bangladesh, Pope John Paul II visits Cuba, September 11th, Iraq and Iran. Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Hinduism, Chinese-Traditional and Buddhism.
United Republics of Africa
The U.R.A. is not a new idea, its actually a much older one dating back to the 1960s and perhaps even further. The problem these days is that the players have changed, but many disputes are still there. The people involved in the politics have not realized that unification could be the answer to their problems.
South Africa passes same-sex marriage
November 15th 2006 - South African lawmakers passed legislation recognizing gay marriages yesterday despite criticism from both traditionalists and gay activists.
Sex Rights in Africa
Abstinence DOES NOT WORK. AIDS/HIV is spreading across Africa like wildfire, and the PRIMARY reason is because the Catholic Church forbids the use of condoms. Condoms are the ONLY way to safely protect people from contracting AIDS (because many people don't know they even have it until its too late).

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