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The New York City Web WebRing - The City of New York! Welcome Big Apple Businesseses and Companies that are located in or near NYC, and/or any other New

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The New York City Web WebRing

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The City of New York! Welcome Big Apple Businesseses and Companies that are located in or near NYC, and/or any other New York City or New York City area related Web Sites.

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   NY Central Railroad's West Side Freight Line Preview Go
The Hudson River Line opened in 1849. Below 30th Street, railroad cars drawn by horses funneled goods from the West Side railyards to Spring Street, with stops that today's subway riders will recognize: 23rd Street, 14th, Christopher. Steam engines replaced horses in 1867. 1934 saw the completion of the elevated West Side Freight Line. Decline and fall of the line in the 1960's to 1980's.
   Grand Central Terminal and Mysterious Track 61 Preview Go
Used by several Presidents of the US, mainly FDR. Not only mysterious track 61 at Grand Central, but we cover who owns Grand Central, how it connects to the Subway system, and lots more history.
   Grand Central Terminal and the New York City Subway Preview Go
We have an extensive collection of material on railroads and transit in New York City. Much of this material is not published elsewhere on the Internet. If you are interested in Grand Central Terminal, New York City subways, or transportation around New York City, read on and enjoy!

   Antique New York City Postcards Preview Go
Webpage displays a collection of postcards about New York City over 100 years old.
   New York Public Library Guide Preview Go
Postings from a vintage guide to the New York Public Library, first published in 1916. Contains descriptions and photographs of all the library rooms, floors, and architecture.
   New York City Transit Planning Preview Go
Plans for better transit in the metropolitan area. An analysis of a early 1960's Ford Foundation study of commuting into Grand Central and what might be done to improve it. Some unique ideas and far ahead of its time. Developed early on in the history of aviation, JFK International, LaGuardia and Newark airports were intended to only be accessed by automobile.
   Jewish Life in New York Preview Go
I couldn't believe that nobody had created such a group, yet. A pair of groups, one on DeviantArt and one on Flickr, for photos portraying Jewish life and culture in the city that is home to the largest Jewish community of any city, not just in the Diaspora, but on the planet. Shuls, yeshivas, the bowl of shav you just made - everything in your life, however grand or humble, as long as you wouldn't hesitate to show it to the rebbetzin.
   Grand Central Terminal Preview Go
In April 1987, the former New York Central office building was designated a landmark. Other buildings in the area have played an important role in the development of New York City. An electrical fire in 1986 knocked out the signal tower which controls the lower level of Grand Central Terminal. Also stories about the NYC marine fleet and detective Moe Holstein.
   Commuters, Car Culture and the Jenny Plan Preview Go
Most railroad passengers today are commuters. Taxpayers underwrite part of this cost and the ride is now more comfortable and the future more secure than ever before. Many ideas have been brought up over the years to ease commuting. One of the most interesting was a 1935 proposal by L. Alfred Jenny. The greatest economic factor of the 19th Century was the railroads.
   New York Pass Preview Go
A brand new way to see New York: New York Pass.

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