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Ontario - Yours To Discover - For all things within Ontario. From Farming to Shopping to Food to Transportation to hobbies to sports to recreation to

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Ontario - Yours To Discover

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Manager: lilithezine
For all things within Ontario. From Farming to Shopping to Food to Transportation to hobbies to sports to recreation to camping to fishing to hunting to art galleries to artists to museums to just PEOPLE from Ontario. Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Guelph, Whitby, Barrie, Kingston, Niagara, Walkerton, Owen Sound, Sudbury, Timmins. Anyone and anything about Ontario.

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   Private Schools Produce Tomorrow's Tech Leaders Preview Go
Five Reasons to send your kids to a private school. Tomorrow's technology more readily available and better preparing your kids for the technological future.
   Canadian Tax Reform Preview Go
A guide to economic stability and tax reform in Canada.
   My Quest for a Condo Preview Go
Can a blogger in Toronto complete his quest to get a condo by TRADING a Hot Wheels car into other items until he eventually gets a condo? Subscribe to this blog and see what happens.

   Who Will Replace Stephen Harper? Preview Go
The clock is ticking on Stephen Harper's political career. His political party is $1.3 million in debt due to his overspending in 2004. He lost the same-sex marriage debate (gay marriages are now legal in Canada). And as of July 1st, Canada Day, Harper's spindoctors and advisors all quit on him, a sure sign that he is soon to be replaced.
   Stephen Harper Promises 2 Privatize Canadian Healthcare Preview Go
Read about Harper's plan to privatize Canadian Healthcare and why Belinda Stronach decided to ditch the Conservative Party and join the Liberals.
   Canadian Unity Vs. Quebec Separatism Preview Go
For decades, a separatist movement in Quebec has tainted Canadian politics with a sense of bad blood. In many ways, Quebec is already like a separate country from the rest of Canada. They speak French 60% of the time, they sometimes eat different foods compared to the rest of Canada and... thats about it.
   Canada's Booming Native Population Preview Go
The birth rate in Canada's Native communities has skyrocketed during the past 10 years. What does this mean for the rest of Canada?
   Dollar Fifty per Litre Gasoline in Canada Preview Go
Gas prices in Canada set to soar in the near future.
   Scout Popcorn Online for a Short Time Preview Go
This is our first attempt to put our troop popcorn sale online. Take a look, leave a comment, and if you're in our area get free shipping on your order!
   Canada's Babyboomers & Health Care Preview Go
Doctor and nurse shortages in Canada are signs of the times, or rather signs that our babyboomers are getting old. With babyboomer doctors and nurses retiring, but with the majority of babyboomers going to the hospital more frequently, there is suddenly a shortage of doctors and nurses during the time when we need them most. Long waits for surgery or to see a specialist are now common place. But what are the solutions?

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